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ASTM A 671 C60 / C65 / C70 Carbon Steel EFW Pipes & Tubes Manufacturer, Exporter & Suppliers.

Carbon Steel Tubes and pipes of C60/65/70 grades are known for superior properties they have. These pipes and tubes cover ASTM A671 specification. The leading manufacturer of these pipes that serve to all the dedicated industries where they are extensively used is Silver Tubes. We produce pipes and tubes that fit industrial applications. Durability, high quality, and greater strength are desired by these industries. We ensure the same by using modern manufacturing methods and complete testing procedures. We also stock the pipes of varied sizes and dimensions in our in-house warehouse. We pack and ship ASTM A671 C60 / C65 / C70 Carbon Steel EFW Pipes, Tubes to several destinations across the world.

Carbon steel EFW pipes and tubes
Plain carbon steel is used to manufacture pipes and tubes of C60/65/70 grade. EFW or electric fusion welding technology is used to weld these products. Carbon steel is considered a wide choice because the minimum content is not specified for elements. The chromium, nickel, tungsten, cobalt, vanadium and any other element are added to this steel to improve its alloying effect. However, few elements are required not to exceed the set percentages.

ASTM A671 C60 / C65 / C70 Carbon Steel EFW Pipes, Tubes qualify to work at moderate temperature and high-pressure conditions. More specifications are covered by the A671 which we strictly follow. The products that we produce by following the standards and guidelines embed excellent strength, better weldability, high strength with low thermal conductivity coefficients, and greater toughness. It also offers better ductility to our products.

Carbon Steel EFW Pipes & Tubes, CS EFW Pipes & Tubes, A671 C60 / C65 / C70 Suppliers in India.

Type : A671 GR CC65 EFW pipe
Size : 16”NB-72”NB
Wall Thickness : 6mm to 100mmTHK
Additional Testing : NACE MR0175, NACE TM0177, NACE TM0284, HIC TEST, SSC TEST, H2 SERVICE, etc.

Chemical Requirements :

Specification Steel grade Chemical composition Remarks
C Si Mn P S Ti
Pipes for pressure service 
ASTM A671, A672
-/A45 -/0.17 - 0.98 0.035 0.035 - A671/
-/A50 -/0.22 -
CA55/A55 0.28 -
-/B55 -/0.20 0.13
CB60/B60 0.24
CB65/B65 0.28
CB70/C70 0.31 1.30
-/C55 -/0.18 0.55
CC60/C60 0.21
CC65/C65 0.24 0.79
CC70/C70 0.27

Mechanical Properties :

Products Steel Grade BASE METAL MECHANICAL COMPOSITION Welding point tensile strength (N/mm2) Remarks
Yield point (N/mm2) Tensile Stregth (N/mm2) Test Pieces Elongation (%)
Pipes for pressure service ASTM A671, A672 -/A45 -/165 -/310~450 - -/30 -/310~450 A671/ A672
-/A50 -/185 -/345~485 -/28 -/345~485
CA55/A55 205 380~515 27 380~515
-/B55 -/205 -/380~515 -/27 -/380~515
CB60/B60 220 415~550 25 415~550
CB65/B65 240 450~585 23 450~585
CB70/B70 260 485~620 21 485~620
-/C55 -/205 -/380~515 -/27 -/380~515
CC60/C60 220 415~550 25 415~550
CC65/C65 240 450~585 23 450~585
CC70/C70 260 485~620 21 485~620